Read about Cormac’s experiences of the MIM program so far


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Read about Cormac’s experiences of the MIM program so far

Interview with Cormac Stafford, Irish, (USA/D Track 2013/2014)

1)     What undergrad program did you do and where? I completed my undergraduate studies at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Dublin, Ireland, with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Marketing. This program involved two international exchanges to the US and Germany.

2)     Why did you decide to apply for the MIM program? I had always desired to complete a Master of Science in Management to increase my perspectives in the word of commerce, improve my appeal to employers and to broaden my knowledge of business. The MIM program appealed to me because it gave me this chance on an international scale allowing me to study at two of the world’s top business school in two very different cultural backdrops: the USA and Germany.

3)     What was the first semester like in Boston? I completed my first semester at the nationally recognized rising star D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA. This winter semester in ‘the hub’ opened my eyes to the American style of education and campus living which was totally different from that I had experienced previously. Evening lectures, guest professors, a city-sized university, a fully equipped urban campus as well as sports, societies and a natural campus buzz were all at our fingertips within the heart of one of the world’s most student-oriented cities. The module range varied from open discussions on marketing to logical statistics and as did the style of assessment. Everything from the case study approach to homework to group presentations were incorporated combining traditional teaching methods with Northeastern’s state of the art student services technology. While the course work was intense and tested one’s time management, the opportunity the cheer on the Boston Red Sox, tour across Cambridge, indulge in Sam Adams finest and show your Husky pride on campus were all a part of the Northeastern experience. Campus life in the US is rivaled by none as students could soak up everything Northeastern had to offer. The class brought an interesting mix of both faculty and student body that boasted a large array of different cultural backgrounds. This first semester of the MIM program went as quickly as it came and although many were sad to leave the snowcapped campus, a new opportunity awaited us.

4)     What is it like so far at the ESB? I am currently studying my second semester at the prestigious ESB Business School at Reutlingen University, Reutlingen, Germany. As a native of Ireland (with limited foreign language abilities!) this semester thus far has presented me with some culture shock and given me a totally new perspective to that of Boston. Located in south of Germany, the ESB Business School has already offered an ‘ear to the ground’ approach with each professor offering a wealth of professional background to link their subjects to reality. Faithful to its reputation of having close ties to business, the ESB appears to have a true company connection with some of the world’s biggest MNC’s. Evidence of this could already be seen at the annual MIM alumni meet where graduates now posted at Accenture, Google, Daimler and P&G, to name but a few, shared their experience and expertise. The semester structure varies from Northeastern offering students more flexible time for the planning of individual research and group assignments. While time management is also a key factor in this summer semester, one has the time to explore the Swabian towns of Reutlingen and Tuebingen that nestle close to the ESB campus as well as nearby major cities of Stuttgart and Frankfurt. The local beer, carnivals and dining such as Spätzle or Maultaschen cannot be missed.

5)     What do you expect to get out of the program? In completing this MSc in International Management I hope that my knowledge will be broadened beyond the function of marketing that my undergrad focused on. With that I hope to make myself more desirable to employers in the world of consulting, strategy and business operations. My intercultural understanding coupled with diverse working groups allows me to hone my abilities in communication, teamwork, leadership and value creation and I believe these are qualities today’s MNC’s are searching for. I hope to attain a truly global mindset that can help me unlock a fast paced exciting international career.

6)     What do you think you have gotten so far? To date in this program my network of contacts has grown tremendously. This network has of course crossed boarders as the MIM program brings together a unique make up of talented students with different cultural fabric beyond their home nation. In addition to professional aspects mentioned, the MIM program has given me some valuable life experience and learning that cannot be attained inside a lecture hall. New friends, professional connections and cultural involvements across continents are just some of the experiences the MIM program has already given me.

7)     What do you want to do when you graduate? Upon completing my master thesis during this coming summer I will look to a successful, long and rewarding career in consulting, marketing and business strategy with a multinational company. I have begun applying and interviewing at many US and Dublin based MNC’s and whether I remain in my home country or move to another corner of the globe I believe that these future positions will test my international management abilities. International experience is crucial in today’s shrinking world as many top managerial positions now require one to understand operations across borders. The MIM program is now preparing me for this kinds of position. My time in Boston and now in Reutlingen, as well as all of the international students I have come across in-between, will help me unlock my potential to take on a hopefully global career.

Cromac Stafford