Orientation Week for new MIM class in Reutlingen


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Orientation Week for new MIM class in Reutlingen

On Monday, February 1st, 2016 forty-six international students were welcomed to Reutlingen University to begin their orientation week for study block 2 of the MSc International Management programme (MIM). They completed their first study-block at one of our IPBS partner universities in Boston (USA), Piacenza (Italy), Puebla (Mexico) or Reims (France). The morning consisted of a meet and greet session, followed by lunch, a talk on IT safety and an afternoon session with guest speaker, MIM alumnus (2014/USA-Germany track) Christine Lanzinger, Market Management Switzerland/France and Cross Function AMG Sales Europe at Daimler AG. Ms. Lanzinger gave the students insight into her very interesting and successful education and career path. She was able to answer many questions about the programme and what it did for her, as well as useful hints and tips to help them successfully climb the corporate ladder. Ms. Lanzinger also is responsible for hiring an intern for six months twice a year to work in her department. In a relaxed atmosphere the students were able to ask questions that they normally would not have the opportunity to do during interviews etc.

The compact day ended with a tour of Reutlingen and welcome drinks and snacks at one of Reutlingen’s smallest bars, Gastätte “Zum Andy” Biermichel. Andy warmly welcomed the students with Reutlingen’s specialties – warm pretzels and a glass of regional wine. The students also enjoyed getting to know each other better afterwards at another Reutlingen establishment – the Barfüsser where they tested Reutlingen’s beer and other treats.

On Wednesday, February 3rd the students were officially welcomed by Programme Director, Prof. Niamh O’Mahony and given a formal introduction to the academic programme for their time at the ESB followed by a luncheon reception where they also met a couple of their lecturers: Prof. Petra Kneip and Prof. Robert LoBue. After receiving presentations on our Career Center, Alumni programme, our Relax platform and getting a tour of our learning center/library we ventured off to Tübingen for a guided tour and warm gulash/Glühbier at the Neckarmüller. Although everyone was rather frozen from the city tour, the Neckarmüller served their gulash out of a large pot that was prepared over an open fire and warm Glühbier outside in their beer garden around large bonfires – they call this Funkenfeuerabend.

Since a couple of the students also had birthdays that day, many of the students had a long night in Tübingen helping them celebrate their special day.

These events give the students a chance to get to know each other on a casual basis. Since they will be spending a lot of time in the classroom together and will be working closely together on group projects over the next few months it is important to get to know each other to share experiences and to network.

We wish all of them a great semester in Reutlingen!