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MIM Structure & Content

This programme of study is designed to give its graduates advanced business knowledge and the prerequisite skills to prepare them to play leading roles in international management.

The programme of study is intended to strengthen the initiative and creativity of participants and their capacity to identify and compile solutions for management problems. Through project and case study work, graduates are trained in project-oriented teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking.

Core courses are standardized across Study Block I, taught in Partner A institutions. Equally, core courses are standardized across Study Block II, taught in Partner B institutions. Partner universities may opt to give students the opportunity to choose from a list of additional approved courses (details below). Further, the curriculum transition from Partner A to Partner B institutions is coordinated to assure continuity and complementarity of learning outcomes.

The 2017/18 Curriculum for Blocks I and II will be as follows: 

Study Block I – Partner A (ECTS 30 credits)

tudy Block II – Partner B (ECTS 30 credits)

studyblock02-1Study Block III – Research Methods and Thesis

Study Block III is a part of the MIM offered by European Union Universities in our partnership. There is no Master Thesis requirement by Northeastern University.  Study Block III usually is completed by August for Ireland. For Germany this study block is usually completed by December (unless a student has only 180 ECTS from their Bachelor degree and needs to complete the 24 week compulsory integrated internship, in which case the completion date would be later). There is no compulsory internship for those ending their studies in Ireland or the USA. 

Master Thesis
(Indicative information, subject to modifications from school to school)
The Master’s Thesis is a central and integrating element of the degree at the Partner B Schools from the European Union. It is designed to afford postgraduate students the opportunity to exercise their creative, questioning, analytical, and writing skills in a focused and practical manner. It is also intended to give them the chance to develop an in-depth understanding of a specific topic related to international management. Each student works on their thesis under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the Partner B School. Students are required to submit both hardbound and soft-bound copies at a date determined by the Partner B School. Examiners can include an interview as part of the thesis examination process.

Northeastern University does not require a master’s thesis.