How much does the study programme cost?


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How much does the study programme cost?

Cost of the Study Programme 2017/18

The total cost of the Study Programme varies based on whether the applicant is from an EU country or is a graduate of any IPBS school. It is also different for tracks involving study in or a degree from the USA due to school specific requirements.

Other expenses must be also considered, such as:

  • Travel, lodging and living expenses (including health insurance)
  • Textbooks
  • Repeat modules and/or resit examinations (rarely available)
  • All other miscellaneous expenses

Some schools are also required by law to charge a registration fee, specific to each school. Please note, that extracurricular activities must be paid separately (language courses included).

I Starting with partners in Europe, Mexico and USA (Partner A) and graduating in Europe (Partner B)
A candidate cannot choose to do the entire programme in just one country.                

Please also note that the track Ireland/Germany does not exist.

Please also see the notes as written below.

II Starting with partners in Europe, Mexico and USA (Partner A) and graduating in USA (Partner B)

*** Estimated Costs, as depending on unpredictable exchange rate at the time the Northeastern University portion will be due in January 2018 (payable in US Dollars).

Note 1: These costs are for the entire programme.

Note 2: For USA Block 2 tracks the payment procedure is as follows for the 2017-18 academic year: (*** Estimated costs)

For graduates of an IPBS School or an EU School payable to IPBS: € 7,700 for all possible tracks.

For graduates of a non-IPBS School or a non-EU School payable to IPBS: € 9,700 for all possible tracks.

3rd instalment for graduates of all Schools, due by first week of 2018 at the latest payable directly to the Northeastern University: US$ 23,610 for all tracks. Please note that all USD $ amounts for Northeastern University are currently just estimates, as they are subject to the Northeastern University Board of Trustees’ final approval.

*** At the December 2016 Euro/US$ exchange rate for US$ 23,610 is estimated at € 22,600. This amount in Euros is likely to be lower or higher based on actual exchange rates at the time the Northeastern portion (payable in US Dollars) will be due in January 2018.