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Scholarships & Grants

Students should inquire about the available opportunities in their home country. In Europe for example, scholarships are often available through local communities, Chambers of Commerce, private foundations and various other associations (Lions, Diners, Rotary, etc). The IPBS does not offer scholarships or grants at this time but individual partner schools may have support programmes.


DCU: No scholarships for taught Masters other than those normally available to candidates from, for example, their local authority/grant agency to which they must apply directly.

ESB: Various scholarships are available to German students from different German bodies. However, the candidates need to research the options on their own.

German applicants please have also a look at the following links:

  • My Stipendium will allow you to enter your criteria and find a suitable scholarship 
  • Auslandsbafög provides an overview of the information required as well as introducing the overall process of how how to apply for Auslandsbafög. Moreover, students can find an overview of the respective offices responsible for the destination of study abroad. This could also be of interest to those who do not qualify for domestic Bafög.
  • Link for information on tax relief: Here you can find two articles about how to deduct your master’s degree from your taxes. Tagesspiegel  or Staufenbiel

Northeastern University: Scholarships/grants may become available for students wishing to graduate from Northeastern University based on a particular student’s circumstances.

NEOMA Business School: No scholarships/grants available at NEOMA Business School at this time. However, candidates may be eligible for a scholarship from a local authority. They must inquire in their home country.

UCSC: May be offered by different sponsors to students of merit who have financial difficulties and who would have problems paying the course fees. They may visit the UCSC website and/or contact the university for further information.

UDLAP: Scholarships or grants may be available. The candidates need to research the options on their own. They may also visit the UDLAP website for further information.